Orange Talks

Project  Information

The Orange Association organizes a series of Orange Talks including public speeches on gender equality, violence, harassment, pedophilia, incest, masculinity, and refugee issues. 

The first series of Orange Talks were held in Izmir on December 1, 2018.

The invited speakers were:

Gozde Durmus - Bilgi University, Child Studies Unit - "Gender Perception in Child Rearing",

Sirin Payzin, Investigative Journalist - "Perception of Women in the Media",

Ass. Prof. Dr. Murat Goc - "A Different Masculinity Is Possible (?)"

Ass. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ozdemir - Social Service Specialist -"Those Who Lost Identity: Incest"

Burcu Başaran – Orange Association -   "We Urgently Need Equality!"

Ravdanur Cuma -  "I Was Not Born a Refugee"

The second series of the Orange Talks were held on December 7, 2019.

The invited speakers were:

Mine Söğüt - Journalist-Writer  - "Masculine Violence and Cursed Femininity",

Dr. Atilla Barutçu - "Debates on Men and Masculinities",

Aslı Karataş - Lawyer/Founder of SEBUKA   -"The World Changes If Language Changes",

Farah Mohajer - Activist -  "What Will Happen to You, Farah?",

Dr. Mahmut Bektaş - Mother Child Education Foundation - "Egalitarian Parenthood"

Ass. Prof. Dr. Pinar Ozdemir - Social Service Specialist - "Lost Identities: Rape".

Orange Talks will continue to be held in various provinces throughout Türkiye.