Who Are We ?

Who are We?


A group of volunteers in İzmir, led by Isinsu Kestelli, set out to support the 16-day activism campaign “Orange the World,” initiated by the United Nations to end gender-based violence, and the campaign was adapted to Izmir as “Orange Izmir”.

The the Orange Izmir campaign was welcomed with great interest and support which encouraged volunteers to gather under the roof of an association to achieve more organized and institutionalized sustainable goals and to continue their path stronger.

The Orange Association was established in 2018 to ensure gender equality and to carry out projects in order to improve the socio-economic status of refugees, the LGBTI+ community, and all underrepresented individuals in society, primarily women and children.

The Orange Association aims to fight gender based inequalities and discrimination, to contribute to end not only physical violence but also violence in other forms such as psychological, economic, or verbal and gender based discrimination by raising awareness, transforming gender roles, as well as promoting to the achievement of gender equality. The Orange Association ascertains that maintaining gender equality is crucially essential for every individual in a society and that all segments of the society should work together to ensure gender equality.