Projects We Support

As Orange Association, we are Volunteers for Turna Koop!

One of the biggest problems of our day is the difficulties women face in their participation in business life and gaining their economic freedom. In addition to this ongoing injustice and inequality in employment, women and children also suffer from devastating consequences of wars and conflicts and they become even more vulnerable in economic and social terms.A vital target of the Orange Association is to empower women and to help increase women's employment and ensure their economic and social well-being.

It is important to take even a small step to eliminate or at least mitigate the devastation caused by inequality and violence. A project that sees social empowerment and job creation as a solution to prevent physical, economic and psychological violence against women is being implemented with the Turna Cooperative[1] project in Izmir. This project, funded by Japanese Government, is collaborated with United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


The project’s top priority is to empower refugee and at-risk women with limited opportunities. Within the scope of the project, 20 refugee and Turkish citizen women were invited to participate in the project. They decided to produce Izmir’s traditional stuffed mussels together and to sell them in a food market in downtown İzmir. Full compliance with hygiene rules and transparent production facilities have been set as their basic principles throughout the production processes. Vocational Training Programs were organized and women learned how to cook stuffed mussels together. Subsequently, the participant women also received Cooperative Training and prepared a business model in order to run their own initiatives as a community. Simultaneously, the Turna Shop was prepared for the production, and the women’s children were offered a kindergarten placed upstairs in the shop. In order to increase the participation of women in social and business life, a safe and entertaining space had been created for children in the shop where they could spend quality time. The Orange Association, volunteered for Turna Cooperative and prepared the kindergarten for children where we are planning enjoyable and educational workshops for children through volunteer trainers.






[1] Turna Women's Cooperative is the first multicultural cooperative of İzmir and set out with an emphasis on the importance of women's labor and cultural interaction