Orange Workshops

Orange Workshops aim to raise awareness in corporate companies and public institutions and among their employees about gender equality as well as promoting principles to sustain efforts against gender discrimination by creating a corporate policy. Orange Workshops particulary focus on urgent problems of women such as gender pay gap in private and public enterprises, women's employment, women’s absence in decision-making mechanisms, increasing number of sexual harassment and sexual violence cases in workplaces, developing corporate policies on the basis of gender equality .

The Orange Association’s primary goal is to encourage individuals and institutions to form sustainable and inclusive policies against all kinds of discrimination, especially gender-based discrimination. These workshops are planned specifically for this purpose and they serve to realize a change and transformation in behaviors and attitudes of employees and managerial staff as well as in corporate policies. Guided by expert researchers, employees are encouraged to discuss and question the issues concerning gender equality. The workshops will start with an awareness raising meeting with a focus group and continue with an interactive round table meeting where internal policies, practices and solution proposals will be discussed. Afterwards, the commission to be formed within the institution where the training is provided will continue its work with the Orange Association and an internal monitoring process will be initiated. During this one-year monitoring process, the commission and the Orange Association will come together every 3 months and follow up the process and the solution process. With the report to be prepared at the end of the year, the institutional gender equality score card will be issued and shared with the public.